“All Good Music Should Tell a Story”: Going Global with House Duo @taleofus

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“All good music should tell a story.”

That’s the philosophy behind the beautifully brooding builds of Berlin’s deep house duo Tale of Us (@taleofus). Each groove they create captures a time, a place, a person or a feeling in their lives. But what is the story behind the story? What is the tale of Tale of Us?

With more than 150 gigs in the last year alone, theirs is an adventure taken all over the globe. From the busy streets of Tokyo to the Coachella Valley, from dusty dunes to ancient spires and everything in between, Tale of Us have seen – and tasted – much of what this world has to offer.

For those with wanderlust, a professional DJ career is a pot of gold. If Tale of Us’ Karm Conte or Matteo Milleri want to journey to a far-off land, they’ve only got to find the right booking – and when you’re one of underground house’s brightest burning stars, your shine reaches nearly every dark corner and club under the sky.

The pair recently made a stop in Tokyo to spread their love of house, take some pics and slurp more than their fair share of ramen.

“Both of us are very inspired by the Japanese culture, so it was a must to go play there,” they say in a joint email interview. “We’ve been impressed by the sea of buildings you can see from above, but also by the food we had. We had some next level ramen we won’t forget, but also some great sushi, and also had the chance to try Kobe beef.”

Of course, you can’t always let your stomach decide your fate. Tale of Us make some romantic beats, and also wear their hearts on their sleeves. For instance, they recently traveled to Cape Town on a tour with Bridges for Music, a nonprofit that gathers electronic artists to bring music and awareness to strengthen developing nations.

“Cape Town was clearly one of the most amazing places we’ve been to,” they say. “The city itself and everything around is incredible, a mix of Europe and Africa that you can’t find anywhere else. We had no idea house music was such a huge thing there. In the townships, every kid wanted to be a DJ, so it felt very natural to do our best to help them fulfill their dreams.”

To capture their journeys, Karm and Matteo often team up with friends. Recently, they’ve hit the road with famed music photographers Richard Bellia and Christian Lamb (@cthelamb). Their manager has also developed some “serious” smartphone picture skills over the years. These moments in time serve not only as a means for fans to connect with the mobile music men, but also to remind Tale of Us of the magic they find along the way.

Back in Berlin, they hone these sights, sounds and experiences into sonic snapshots. Those tracks then fly around the world on airwaves, in mixes, on radio, flowing from headphones into ears all over the globe. In that way, the music and the memories become the shared experience of everyone. It’s a sound that truly becomes the Tale of Us.

–Kat Bein for Instagram @music


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