At the Juxtaposition of Tradition and Modernity in Istanbul with Gökhan Değirmenci

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From wild horses and women wrapped in burqas to cherry-red ATMs and guys in fashionably distressed jeans, street photographer Gökhan Değirmenci (@gokhan.degirmenci) captures the arresting intersection of tradition and modernity in Istanbul. “I love to travel to different areas of Istanbul one by one. This is how conflict, oppositeness and contrast are in my photos,” says Gökhan, who formed @everyday.turkey to showcase daily life in his native country. “Istanbul has been home to different cultures for its entire history. It is not a surprise if you see a mosque, church and synagogue in the same area.” Gökhan began taking photos in 2008, when he enrolled in a photography course at university. Soon, he was compelled to capture the juxtaposition of iconic mosques and a younger generation drawn to Turkey’s most cosmopolitan city, which remains the focus of his work today.


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