Baking Fairytale-Inspired Cakes with Julián Ángel

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“Cakes are usually made to celebrate something, so every week of my life feels like my birthday,” says 31-year-old baker and web designer Julián Ángel (@historiasdelciervo). The Medellín, Colombia, native began baking three years ago after a failed attempt at creating chocolate muffins: “They were a disaster. They exploded in the oven and melted like lava.” Instead of giving up, Julián spent the next six months harnessing his skills. “I create my own rules in my kitchen,” he says. “I like to make outrageous and dramatic cakes charged with feelings, glitter, sparkles, swirls and anything I can imagine.” And while his fairytale-inspired cakes are filled with flavor from local ingredients, classic vanilla will always have his heart: “It’s the perfect cake for every moment.”


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