Behind the #arquiMoMA InstaMeet: Black-and-White Dreams with @gustavoromeiro

To see more of Gustavo’s stark architectural photography from Rio follow @gustavoromeiro on Instagram. To learn more about the #ArquiMoMA Instagram Project by the Museum of Modern Art (@themuseumofmodernart), visit The project website.

Art director Gustavo Romeiro (@gustavoromeiro) sucks the color and noise out of Rio de Janeiro’s typical beach scenes, creating dreamlike black-and-white photographs of the city’s architecture and geometry. “I don’t know if I take pictures or if I draw with my camera,” he says. “In many photographs, you have to imagine the edges, nothing is too clear. Just like in our dreams.”

On March 14, Gustavo’s passion for architecture led him to join fellow Instagrammers across Latin America for the #ArquiMoMA InstaMeet hosted by the Museum of Modern Art (@themuseumofmodernart), in celebration of the MoMA exhibition “Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980.”
“It was so interesting to meet people from Rio de Janeiro who love to capture images as I do. Sometimes, you become so concentrated on what you are doing that you forget you are not alone. This InstaMeet was a chance to meet others from the same species.”

Through his photographs, Gustavo hopes to open people’s eyes about the way we inhabit urban spaces. “I am creating nonexistent environments by taking pictures of real things,” he says. “I’m trying to point out what goes unseen.”


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