Carving a Lifelong Dream with @yosuke.horiyo

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(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

Yosuke Yamamoto (@yosuke.horiyo) grew up watching the thrilling parade of danjiri — revered wooden floats — at annual fall festivals held in his neighborhood of Osaka, Japan. He was immediately enchanted with their intricate woodwork. “I was holding a chisel by the time I was in middle school,” he says. “I enrolled in an apprenticeship with my master right as I graduated high school.”

After 10 years of training, Yosuke is now a sculptor with two apprentices of his own. The team works on projects of all different shapes and sizes, but nothing beats the satisfaction of carving an elaborate danjiri float, which takes roughly two years to complete. “It is a tradition that will last for hundreds of years,” Yosuke says. “I strike my chisel to create work only I can make — like the soulful masterpieces I saw when I was a kid.”


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