The years leading up to – and just after – the fall of the Berlin Wall are filled with vivid and poignant memories for these locals from both East and West

Born in Radebeul, eastern Germany. His retrospective will be published by Siedl in 2020, with an accompanying exhibition at C/O Berlin
I moved to East Berlin, from Dresden, at the end of the 1970s. I lived in Prenzlauer Berg for most of my time there, on different streets – Kastanienallee, Winsstrasse, Choriner-Strasse. It was one of the most interesting places to be for an artist, because all the activists and dissidents were there, too. We could squat the houses, or at least not pay much rent, because they were all in such bad condition and the landlords were (mostly) happy just to have someone in there who could maintain them. Those in power, including the Stasi, were confused by our scene as they couldn’t access it, or at least not completely. There were lots of small groups rather than one big scene.

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