Tools, App and More

    1. Statigram  | Among the most popular of statistical services .
    2. Nitrogram | Platform for consultation and generation advanced statistics on one or more accounts
    3. Snapwidget | Dynamic widget service and upgradeable to integrate Instagram photos on blogs and sites
    4. Instagrille | desktop application to organize the navigation of all the photos of Instagram
    5. Followgram |Web viewer to promote and filter Instagram profiles
    6. Gramfeed | Photo search engine through Instagram hashtag defined
    • Casetagram | Create a cover for iPhone 4 or 4S using photos of your Instagram profile.
    • Printstagram | Create posters or stickers to be attached using the photos on their profile Instagram
    • Stickygram | Create magnetized magnets with your photos from Instagram channel
    • Tonki | Frames Cartore eco – friendly with their photos in Instagram account
    • Postgram | Send postcards all over the world using their photos on Instagram


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