It’s a Wild World: The Adventures of Ecologist and Storyteller @charles_post

To see more of Charles’ adventures in the field, follow him on @charles_post.

Ecologist and storyteller Charles Post’s (@charles_post) introduction to the outdoors came early: his grandmother was an avid birdwatcher and naturalist. “The ebb and flow of the natural world captured my keenest sense of curiosity,” Northern California-based Charles says. “It propelled me on a lifelong pursuit to better understand the natural rhythms of the outdoors.”

He’s traveled extensively, but Charles insists you don’t need to go far to connect with nature. “Take those moments to pause and watch the world around you. Whether you’re in New York City, Banff, Yellowstone or New Orleans, nature exists in one form or another,” he explains. “It takes practice, but in time nature will begin to reveal itself.”


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