With August’s top picks from our Instagrammin’ Pathfinders, we’re hugging the coast, surmounting mountains and watching the waves in all corners of the globe. From the drama of Zanzibar’s skies to a chilly voyage of discovery, here are the shots that’ll give you itchy feet, wherever you are.

Alaska, USA

‘I find glaciers to be beautiful, otherworldly blue wonders of nature when on land. But seeing (and hearing) Alaska’s Hubbard Glacier from the ocean is way more impressive while on a boat in an almost frozen sea dotted with tiny floating chunks of ice. The blue colors are more spectacular when highlighted against the ocean in the foreground and Alaska’s mountains behind.’ – Jonathan, @jonathanhopwood

Why we like it: Alaska holds a certain mysterious charm for travellers, not least owing to its areas of vast, icy wilderness. Jonathan’s shot showcases these wild, Alaskan landscapes perfectly, beautifully framed by the porthole of his boat. 

Marsaxlokk, Malta

‘I have a thing for fishing boats, whether they’re on the Suffolk Coast or Cornwall in the UK, pretty little Greek harbours or in Normandy, France. So I had to visit Marsaxlokk, arguably the most authentic and beautiful fishing village in Malta, so that I could see and photograph the traditional luzzu boats. The harbour here really is a stunner and the bright colours of the boats are really appealing. The background of this photo gives you an idea of the traditional Maltese architecture too.’ – Clare, @suitcasesandsandcastles.

Why we like it: Malta’s technicolour boats have long featured in travellers’ photos, but there’s something about how they look in Claire’s capture, alongside the North African style architecture of Marsaxlokk, that encapsulates Malta’s many cultural flavours perfectly.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

A post shared by Javi Lorbada (@javugi) on

‘Walking around Nungwi was tremendously relaxing – not only could you enjoy the amazing sunsets that the beach offers, but you could also enjoy watching the locals coming back and forth in dugout canoes and wooden boats while fishing.’ – Javi, @javugi.

Why we like it: Zanzibar and shipwrecks are somewhat synonymous, but the lighting and angle of Javi’s shot really adds a flourish of drama to this otherwise still image. The dark hues of the sand and boat only serve to highlight the sky’s incredible colour palette, and the peripheral palm fronds add that all-important finishing touch.

Jammu and Kashmir, India

‘I heard the low rumbling of horns sounding all throughout the sprawling monastery, but couldn’t figure out where the noise was coming from. After roaming through hall after hall, I finally ventured to the roof, where I found the source of the sound… and this incredible view!’ – Alex and Sebastian, @lostwithpurpose.

Why we like it: Despite the medley of bright colours that make up this capture, it still manages to convey complete serenity, which is completely beguiling. The frame of the two young monks overlooking Ladakh also adds a narrative to the picture by illustrating the region’s religious communities.

O’ahu, Hawaii

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‘Due to its big swells and warm weather, the island of O’ahu is paradise to surfers. While watching the sunrise at White Plains Beach, I looked on as dedicated surfers entered the water one by one. With Diamond Head and Honolulu far off in the distance, this particular surfer paused before entering the water, pumping himself up to conquer the waves.’ – Nick, @berealtravel.

Why we like it: The sign of a compelling image is how much it makes you want to dive right into it, and with those perfect waves, moody purple skies and surfer poised with his board, that’s exactly what Nick’s capture does.

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