The Kallur Lighthouse perched on the peaks of the Faroe Islands

The Kallur Lighthouse perched on the peaks of the Faroe Islands © Federica Violin / Shutterstock

From fake food in Japan to hairy hiking trips in the Faroe Islands, August’s adventures are an eclectic mix. Discover a fresh perspective as we head off the beaten track to explore the lesser-known destinations of Kyrgyzstan and Northeast India and duck out of the bright lights to see a different side to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas: beyond the strip – Hilary Gudgel

Away from the neon lights, slot machines and rooftop rollercoasters, Hilary discovers a different side to Las Vegas through its kaleidoscopic street art. Despite the searing temperatures, Hilary strikes gold and shows us some of the amazing pieces she found – with a few helpful tips on how you too can track them down.

Hilary loves travel, fashion and exploring the world with her two sons in tow. Follow her blog at

10 reasons you should travel to Kyrgyzstan now – Joan Torres

Kyrgyzstan may not feature in the top 10 of most travellers’ bucket lists, but this post might just call for a reshuffle. From stunning landscapes to hospitable locals, bizarre sporting events and a fascinating nomadic culture, Joan sheds some well-deserved light on this off-the-beaten-track gem.

Joan’s travel style is all about experiencing the authentic local life of a destination. Follow his blog at

Making unique ‘sampuru’ in Japan’s fake food capital – Aileen Adalid

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘fake it till you make it’, Aileen takes us through her experience of making non-edible food samples in Gujo Hachiman, Japan. Providing a fascinating contextual history of sampuru and a wider guide to the region, we were bowled over by how comprehensive, engaging and unique this post was.

At 21 Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines to travel the world. Follow her blog at

Why you need to travel in Northeast India – Alex and Sebastiaan

Alex and Sebastiaan write with a sense of humour and a breezy descriptive style that draws the reader in. With vibrant imagery and tales of local life, the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and the lack of tourist crowds, the pair paint an intimate picture of this incredible region.

These two twenty-somethings live out of backpacks and love to explore lesser-travelled locales. Follow their blog at

The day I almost fell off a cliff in the Faroe Islands – Justine Kibler

We loved Justine’s tale of misfortune about her hike to the Kallur Lighthouse in the Faroe Islands. Her writing takes on a light-hearted, narrative style which sets the reader at ease even if Justine herself may not have been feeling quite so sure-footed. Despite her misadventures, she finally finds the lighthouse and reveals how you can too – whilst avoiding any cliff-edge close encounters.

Justine has a passion for the great outdoors, travel and photography. Follow her blog at



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