Silhouette of giraffes at sunset

Sunset is a breathtaking time on the savanna © Sanit Fuangnakhon / Shutterstock

July’s round-up of Pathfinder adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from exploring offbeat neighbourhoods in Hamburg and Florida to photographing the African savanna, soaring above British Columbia’s epic wilds and eating a bellyful in Vietnam.

Savanna sunshine: when the wildlife becomes even more vivid – Javi Lorbada

Safari stories never cease to amaze us, but this photo post looks at the African savanna through a slightly different lens. Instead of the wildlife, Javi makes the savanna sunrises, sunsets and night skies the focus of his photography – and the results are beautiful.

Originally from Spain, Javi now calls Amsterdam home. Follow his blog at

Gulfport: Florida’s hippie haven – Karisa Klee

We love how Karissa’s post starts with a heartwarming story about the people behind the place. Not only is it an engaging introduction but it serves to set the tone for Gulfport’s laid-back, inclusive vibe. This post is all about local colour and community and it’s lovely to learn about a lesser-known region of a popular US destination.

This Atlanta attorney has a serious case of wanderlust. Follow her blog at

Eating in Vietnam – Antonio Perez

Antonio’s wit, honest observations and narrative style make this post an engaging read. From food poisoning fears to making lifelong friends on the road and navigating new cultures, Antonio’s tale touches on so much more than just mouthwatering banh mi.

This former NYC attorney quit his job, sold his things and bought a one way ticket to see the world. Follow his blog at

Don’t fear the Reeperbahn: St Pauli, Hamburg – Dave McClane

Dave takes us beyond the neon signs and rowdy bars of Hamburg’s notorious red-light district to show us another side of this area. Between music icons, food markets, street art and coffee houses there’s plenty to see, do and experience here. But what really makes the piece is Dave’s reflections on the day-to-day of life in this area, depicting St Pauli as a buzzing, cultural hub in Hamburg.

Dave believes that the ultimate life experiences are the ones you collect whilst travelling. Follow his blog at

A heli-hiking adventure in British Columbia’s Bugaboos – Tamara Elliott

Helicopters, jagged peaks, mountain lakes, glaciers, breathtaking vistas… the list of Tamara’s incredible experiences is seemingly endless and had us green with envy. But to explore a phenomenal landscape such as British Columbia, it makes sense to have the epic adventure to match!

Tamara is a journalist, travel writer and digital strategist based in Calgary, Canada. Follow her blog at



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