A shot of houses along the waterfront of the beautiful town of Xitang

The beautiful water town of Xitang © gyn9037 / Shutterstock

Plovdiv, Lalezar, Xitang… September’s round-up is chock-full of lesser-known delights from our globetrotting Pathfinders. Alongside the off-the-beaten-track adventures there’s also the usual sprinkling of helpful travel tips, including a guide to avoiding the crowds and pointers on how to manage a meat-free diet on the road.

Time travelling in Xitang Water Town, Zhejiang – Brooke Thio

Brooke takes us behind the scenes of this lesser-known Chinese town, using vivid description and fanciful details to paint a dreamy picture of Xitang – a narrative style that enhances the romanticism of the place.

Brooke favours slow travel as a way to immerse herself in local culture. Follow her blog at roamscapes.com

10 alternative holiday destinations to avoid the crowds – Karen and Paul

Off the back of World Tourism Day Karen and Paul’s post highlights the detrimental impact of mass tourism, providing receptive readers with some astute suggestions for alternatives to the ever-popular heavy hitters.

These bloggers believe that responsible travel can be an easy, comfortable and very special experience. Follow their blog at globalhelpswap.com

L is for Lalezar – Pontia Fallahi

Pontia’s post takes her reader through the transformation of the iconic Lalezar street in Tehran from the ‘field of tulips’ to the ‘graveyard of theatres’. We love how she provides glimpses of this area in its heyday through the eyes of her parents and relatives, but also adds her own imaginative insights as to how things could once have been as she wanders down the dilapidated street.

US born Pontia moved to Iran to learn more about her family’s heritage and culture. Follow her blog at mypersiancorner.com

Tips to stick to a vegetarian diet when travelling – Priya Ramachandran

It can be hard travelling with dietary restrictions, having to pick your way through a paella to search out unwanted squid or avoiding bakeries gleaming with gluten-heavy delights. For veggies on the road, Priya’s post offers a fun, thoughtful and practical guide to help you make the most of your foodie forays.

Priya’s blog is a place to share family trip ideas and travel inspiration. Follow her blog at outsidesuburbia.com

Head over heels in love with Plovdiv, Bulgaria – Lorelei Frey

Lorelei’s post opens with a message familiar to most travellers: sometimes awful experiences are the gateway to unforgettable adventures. After struggling in Sofia, Lorelei discovered her new beau, Plovdiv, resulting in this comprehensive and captivating guide to the city.

This US expat living in Germany has a serious addiction to half-timbered houses, fairy-tale towns and castles. Follow her blog at caliglobetrotter.com



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