Taking Risks and Feeling the Music with Dytto

This post is part of our #WhyIMove series, sharing stories of dancers from all over the globe. To see more from Dytto follow @iam_dytto on Instagram.

“Dance is expression through movement. It’s showing people what the music looks like. This is #WhyIMove,” says Los Angeles-based 18-year-old Courtney Nicole Kelley (@iam_dytto), otherwise known as Dytto. She fuses hip-hop movements such as popping, animation and tutting, all with a feminine twist. She compares her style to a “a Barbie doll who is a robot, who is also super funky and loves to groove.” Dytto steers clear of pre-choreographed moves and relies on improvisation. “I have to let myself take risks onstage,” she says. “I feel the most myself when I’m dancing, because the way I move and interpret music can tell you more about me than my words ever can.”


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