@yur_rii’s Special Recipe for Parenting

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(This interview was conducted in Japanese.)

All parents have special tricks for communicating effectively with their children. Rikako Ezumi (@yur_rii), a cook and mother of a teenage daughter from Fukuoka, Japan, uses a method that draws on what she does best: cooking. “I’ve been continuing this for 10 years now,” explains Rikako. “I work from morning to midnight, and the least I can do for my daughter is to make her something cute for breakfast so that she won’t feel lonely when she has to eat by herself in the morning.” Surely, the meals Rikako prepares are made to put a smile on anyone’s face, with happy and playful characters peeking out from somewhere inside the dishes. The tradition further carried on into lunch boxes when her daughter started going to school. “This is how I’ve been raising my daughter all along, and seeing how well she’s grown up, I feel like I’m doing the right thing,” she says. “No matter how old my daughter gets — even when she moves up to high school and beyond — I will forever continue to decorate the meals I cook for her.”


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